Why Choose us


During any ERP implementation, Data Migration is one of the most important aspects of the project. The whole success or failure of the projects depends on how effectively and accurately data has been migrated to the new system.

Mostly clients are forced to hire expensive consultants and big development teams to create data migration programs, tools and big spreadsheets to extract, transform and upload data. The in house programs developed are expensive, inflexible and complex and are beyond the understanding of a normal business user.

Our custom built tools help the client handle their data migration extremely effectively. The whole data can be converted on just “2 Clicks”, saving clients time, energy and let them focus on data cleansing activities.

In addition, we bring many small, economical and effective “Add Ons” which bring the missing functionalities with just “Switching On” the framework and merging it with their system, without impacting any existing functionalities.

We bring extensive of experience to the table. We have a defined process of engagement with our client, from the Request for Proposal to Hand off.